Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Coronado Idiot IPA

   AROMA 7/10   APPEARANCE 4/5   TASTE 6/10   PALATE 3/5   OVERALL 13/20Chad9976 (1528) - Orlando, Florida, USA - DEC 30, 2015
Bigger usually means better in the beer world, but it’s never a guarantee. Lots of hops don’t mean much if they’re not a good combination. Coronado Idiot IPA uses the “big four C hop” varietals plus Nugget, but they make for a familiar palette that tastes of lemon iced tea. I will give it the benefit of the doubt, though, as it’s possible the bottle was just old. It’s not a bad beer, it’s just nearly as good as it should be. 

I poured a 12oz bottle into a tulip glass. There was no freshness date and it cost $4.39 ($0.37 per ounce).

Appearance: Fairly hazy shade of fairly dark orange. Pours to a large, white head of tight foam that never completely dissipates and leaves a little lacing.

Smell: Strong lemony scent; very sweet (perhaps oxidation?). Classic Centennial hop scent of pine needles, too.

Taste: There’s a certain character to IPAs that use the big four C hops that give it a candy-like taste. Lemon definitely is the predominant character; especially close to yellow lollipops and other hard candy (though that might just be oxidation). This beer has that sweetness going, as well as a general sweetness that’s not exactly maltiness. The recipe – according to the brewery’s website – is rather simple; just two malts and sugar used as an extract. That comes through in the form of noticeable booziness. It’s not completely distracting, in fact, it actually complements the sweetness and contrasts the bitterness nicely. At 90 IBUs, this is definitely a beer with bite. It’s dry and citrusy with a slight piney flavor at the beginning. Overall, the taste here is fine, but I want more than simply “fine” in an IPA this strong.

Drinkability: Coronado Idiot IPA bears the word “imperial” on the label and it’s no misnomer. The beer is pretty strong at 8.5% ABV and it has the body to show for it. While it’s not hot, it definitely is warm from the alcohol. The actual mouthfeel is noticeably thick and a little sticky. The carbonation dies down quickly, which is a shame because some crispness help keep it from being cloying.

RATING: 6/10

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