Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mikkeller Windy Hill

ChadPolenz (1816) - Lakeland, Florida, USA - JUL 20, 2017

DOC: 6/13/2017

2015 BJCP Category: 21B Specialty IPA

AROMA: Freshly-squeeze orange juice; strong tropical and citrusy hops. No specialty malt character. No alcohol. 10/12

APPEARANCE: Extremely hazy pale orange hue (4-7 SRM). Large soapy foam mostly dissipates. 2/3

FLAVOR: Tropical/citrusy fruits up front. Juicy-like taste with a slightly tart character. Hops transition to spicy/grassy flavors on the backend. Bitterness is strong throughout (~70IBUs?). Constant background note of gritty/yeast character. Low malt presence with not specialty character at all. 14/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body and carbonation. Smooth, almost velvety texture. Hops do linger for a slightly astringent aftertaste. Quite drinkable for 7% ABV, no alcohol warmth. 3/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Good attempt at NEIPA, but not wholly authentic. Interesting, tasty beer to be sure. 7/10