Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DAB Dortmunder Export

ChadPolenz (1847) - Lakeland, Florida, USA - SEP 26, 2017

DOC: 3/21/2017

2015 BJCP Category: 5C German Helles Exportbier

AROMA: Malt-forward nose of clean, raw grainy malt with a touch of honey (though that could be oxidation). Slightly sulfury, but tolerable. Hops are muted with faint floral/earthy scent. 8/12

APPEARANCE: Brilliantly clear gold hue (2-4 SRM). Large, white froth retains and laces well. 3/3

FLAVOR: Tastes of pure, clean barley. Sweet with a slight honey note (though far from cloying). Hops have faded but still can be detected as a mild spicy/earthy taste and gentle bitterness. A background note of mineral water with slight sulfur is not distracting and complements the palette well. Slightly sweet aftertaste. Clean fermentation. 14/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-light body; medium carbonation. Smooth, refreshing and quaffable. Feels a bit lighter than 5% ABV, but could probably be sessioned easily. 4/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Has that Dortmunder character for sure; too bad it's not fresh or it'd be a World Class example. 7/10