Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Surly Hell (2018 re-review to BJCP specs)

Fill date: 1/17/18

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 7C Pale Kellerbier

AROMA: Fairly clean grainy malt with a slight honey character. Medium-low spicy/floral hops. Slight acetaldehyde but not diacetyl or DMS. 9/12

APPEARANCE: Mostly clear golden hue (2-4 SRM). Surprisingly clear for an unfiltered brew. Large white froth retains and laces very well. 2/3

FLAVOR: Malt-forward palette to be sure, but fairly well attenuated as there is not much residual sweetness. Beer is not bone dry, either. Pils malt is fairly prominent with a faint honey taste. Hops are low with a spicy/floral flavor and a subtle, but firm dry bitterness. Aftertaste is about even. There is a slight tang from acetaldehyde (acceptable for the style). Could pass as a 4A or 2A. Decent, enjoyable offering as a Pale Kellerbier, though. 15/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium-light[ish] body; medium carbonation. Smooth, but still slightly crisp. Refreshing and highly quaffable. Feels a bit lighter than 5% ABV. 4/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Whether this is intended to be a true Pale Kellerbier is up for debate, but it can certainly pass as such. 7/10


NOTE: See my 2015 original review here: http://www.chadzbeerreviews.com/2015/03/surly-hell.html

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