Saturday, May 5, 2018

Birdsong Jalapeño Pale Ale

Fill date: 3/23/18

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 30A Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (base style: 18B American Pale Ale)

AROMA: Fairly strong, authentic, green jalapeño aroma. The base pale ale brew is difficult to distinguish as there is no distinct malt or hop character. I do notice a slight perfume or soapy scent, but I'm not sure where that's coming from. No floral or fruity hop aromatics. Base malt is present, but nondescript; no malty sweetness or bready notes. 8/12

APPEARANCE: Amber/flame orange hue (5-7 SRM). Slightly hazy body. Moderate white froth retains and laces well. 3/3

FLAVOR: Pale malt base up front with just a little sweetness and specialty character with a touch of wheat. The jalapeño is subtle at first, but becomes quite strong on the second half. Flavor is completely authentic and green; though only moderate in intensity. Pepper does leave some lingering warming sensation in the throat, but not on the tongue (actual aftertaste is quite clean). Hops impart some minor bitterness and low earthy/floral flavor. Base brew is probably closer to a blonde ale due to the lack of overt hop character, though it does work with pepper in its overall delivery. 13/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body; medium-high carbonation. Smooth. Feels a tad lighter than 5.5% ABV. Drinkability is nice; this is not a sipping or intimidating brew. 4/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: One of the better-tasting and easily-drinkable pepper beers I've had. If the base pale ale brew was more to-spec it'd be grand. 6/10


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