Friday, July 20, 2018

Dogfish Head Mixed Media

Fill date: 4/27/18

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 29C Specialty Fruit Beer (base style: 25B Saison)

AROMA: Fairly prominent Belgian yeast esters of banana, clove and peppercorn. White grape must also imparts a strong grape/apple/pear fruity character with some implies sweetness. Subtle farmhouse malt character. No hops. Slight alcohol presence. 10/12

APPEARANCE: Mead-like shade of dark gold/amber (7-9 SRM). Clear body. Small white suds quickly evaporate and leave no lacing. Alcohol legs visible. 2/3

FLAVOR: The specialty nature of this brew is due to the fact 49% of the fermentable sugar came from the use of white grape must. The base style is described as saison-esque and it does come through due to the fairly-strong Belgian yeast presence of banana, clove and peppercorn. Up front the palette is lightly spicy and zesty with faint pale malt character and possibly a touch of wheat. The white grape is subtle at first, but emerges rather prominently on the finish with a juice-like flavor, but without being especially sweet. Bitterness is derived more from the yeast phenolics than hops. The sugar from the grapes add a noticeable, clean alcoholic presence akin to that of a mead. All the ingredients work well together for a delectable beverage; this product is definitely recognizable as a beer. 17/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body; low carbonation. Smooth, but feels much calmer than it should be. Aftertaste is slightly wine-like, but otherwise clean. There is some alcohol warming due to the 7.5% ABV potency. Overall drinkability is quite high. 4/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Definitely what I would consider a great specialty fruit beer, but difficult to score accurately to the [poorly-defined] guidelines. 9/10


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