Saturday, July 21, 2018

DuClaw The Devil Made Me Do It

Fill date: 8/1/17

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer (base style: 28B Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer)

AROMA: Moderately-strong presence bourbon barrel. Wood character seems quite fresh with just a touch of bourbon, coconut, and vanilla (character may have shifted after nearly a year of aging). Sourness is present, but subtler. The aromatics do seem to work together. Difficult to detect specific malt character; no hops whatsoever. No alcohol presence. 9/12

APPEARANCE: Body is extremely hazy with fine sediment particles. Color is a shade of burnished copper (9-13 SRM). Micro carbonation streams up the glass. Large, soapy, off-white foam slowly evaporates. Haze and sediment likely due to age of bottle. 2/3

FLAVOR: Highly sour with a clean, lactic acidity and slight citrusy flavor. Bourbon flavor is present throughout; subtle at first, but more prominent on the backend. Barrel adds a toasted coconut or almond-like flavor along with slight vanilla. Malt base is slightly bready, but with little residual sweetness (attenuation seems to be quite high). No hop presence (none needed). No alcohol. 16/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body; very high carbonation. Though smooth, drinkability is hindered by the spastic effervescence. Aftertaste is mostly clean with a subtle woody/earthy flavor. Feels stronger than 5.5% ABV. 3/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Interesting and creative concoction; all the characteristics work pretty well together. Cellaring did nothing for the beer, though. 7/10


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