Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weyerbacher D'Tango Unchained

Fill date: ?

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 28C Wild Specialty Beer (base style: 29A Fruit Beer (base style: 26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale))

AROMA: Moderately-strong authentic slightly sour cherry with substantial Brett-induced funk/terroir. Oak character is present, but a bit more subtle with a slight vanilla quality. No obvious Belgian ester character. Malt base is dark, but without specialty character. No hops. Alcohol is subtle and clean. 10/12

APPEARANCE: Dark shade of burgundy/brown (27 SRM). Body is a bit cloudy, but without sediment. Moderate tan foam mostly dissipates and leaves no lacing (acceptable for the style). 3/3

FLAVOR: Sour cherry flavor immediately; completely authentic-tasting. Quickly followed by strong, classic Brettanomyces countryside-like terroir. The oak enhances this a bit to give the palette an earthy/woody character and a delectable vanilla taste with just a touch of candy-like sweetness. Cherry emerges again on the finish with a tartness. Aftertaste is slightly and briefly acetic, but otherwise clean. Alcohol is fairly prominent, but seems to enhance all characteristics rather than distract. Base style is difficult to discern, but this is to be expected. 18/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body; moderately-high carbonation. Smooth and easily drinkable despite being rather hefty at 9.6% ABV. Alcohol warmth is difficult to overlook, but never burns. 5/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Impressive, innovative and interesting brewing feat combining fruit, oak and wild yeast. Being delectable and drinkable helps too. 10/10


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  1. Chad, spot on. I appreciate your pallet as it mirrors mine quite well, especially regarding the woody quality. Nice work as always. Have you done a review on Victory DirtWolf? I'm very disappointed as the hops completely overtake any complexity the beer may be trying to introduce. Thoughts? Thanks much - Paul