Thursday, August 2, 2018

Hidden Springs Deja Moo

Fill date: 5/7/18

Judged to 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for: 30A Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer (base style: 16A Sweet Stout)

AROMA: Relatively strong roasted malt presence with a chocolaty character. An impression of cream-like sweetness exists. Very faint smoked pepper presence, but no indication of spice or heat. No hops (none needed). 8/12

APPEARANCE: Opaque inky black (44+ SRM). Large brown foam slowly evaporates and leaves no lacing. 2/3

FLAVOR: Plenty of dark and roasted malt throughout. Flavor is malty, but not sweet, though the lactose sugar does impart some cream-like character. Slight dark chocolate flavor. Bitterness is low; but enough to offer balance. Subtle fruity esters are noticeable, especially in the aftertaste. Chipotle peppers are virtually indistinguishable, though there is a lingering, tolerable heat in the throat. 13/20

MOUTHFEEL: Medium body; moderate carbonation. Texture is creamy and overall drinkability is high for a pepper brew. Feels much lighter than 6.1% ABV, though. 3/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: A fine sweet stout, but lacking the chipotle character as marketed. Very approachable for a pepper brew. 6/10 


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