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Chad'z Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Chad'z Beer Reviews

Merry Christmas, everybody! I told you I’d have something for Christmas and now I’m delivering (for all 14 of you that still watch this channel). So this video is my top 10 personal favorite episodes of Chad’z Beer Reviews. Let me repeat that: it’s my favorite episodes, not my favorite or the best beers I’ve ever reviewed. In fact, there’s actually quite a few bad beers on this list. They made the list because the episodes are either really funny or memorable or both. In fact, I could probably do an entire video just of my favorite episodes involving bad beer. I actually left a lot of episodes are really great beer of this list because the episodes themselves just aren’t that funny or memorable.

When I was putting this list together I was going to have a rule about only one entry per style or only one entry per guest, but that would just be impossible. If you’re an O.G. viewer of mine and you can remember way back to the days of 2009 and 2010 when I was doing beer reviews with Jay and Henry almost every week – those were some of my favorite episodes to make. Looking back through the archives, Jay and I tended to stick with more upstanding, highly-acclaimed beer but Henry and I actually a lot of bad beers. In fact, trying to pick the best of them to put on this list was a challenge.

But anyway, there really is no criteria for this list. They’re all just my favorite episodes. Ones that are still fun to watch all these years later and the episodes that have the most sentimental value for me. So, with no further ado, let’s start the countdown.

#10 Dogfish Head Squall
Episode #162
August 4, 2009

If you’re a super O.G. BeerTuber you might remember Jason aka “Persian Lad” and Jeremy “X Power User” from way back in the day. They were two of the first beertubers I started watching and at one point I actually drove all the way down to Pennsylvania to meet and hang out with them. That was a fun trip. Then a few months later they came up to New York to hang out with me and Jay.

We shot this review after we had been hanging out all day. I just remember being so psyched to make shoot this review because The Imasofats had just reviewed this beer and they loved it and said it was hard to get. So we thought of this review as a challenge that we were actually able to find it. I also remember that we wanted to shoot this outside, but my landlord wanted to mow the lawn. In fact, if you listen closely you can hear the lawnmower in the background.

Jeremy deleted all his videos but Jason’s are actually still online. I haven’t talked to either of these guys in years, so they’re watching – hit me up on Facebook or email me.

#9 TIE: The Breury’s Chocolate Rain; Black Tuesday
Episodes #768, 769
April 22, 25 of 2014

You’re probably wondering why these beers are only at #9 on this list. Well, the beers themselves are really good and I really enjoyed them. But what makes these actual episodes so memorable is because of all the people involved – the guys in front of the camera were all fellow member of the Albany Brew Crafters homebrew club and behind the camera you can hear Alex’s wife and I think my girlfriend Renee was back there, too.

I needed this many people to help me drink these beers because they’re like 18 or 19% ABV each. And it’s an interesting contrast to the Squall review, because I knew way more about beer at this point than I had back in 2009. Though I know even more now that I did in 2014.

So yeah, it was nice to be able to try these “whales”, but I probably wouldn’t consider them personal favorites. These episodes I would, though.

#8 PBR
Episode #270
May 8, 2010
This is another one of my earlier reviews. And what’s interesting about this beer is that it certainly wasn’t a great beer, but it was godawful as some of the other beers on this list. The reason this video is so memorable is because it was inspired by Mark Sinderson who used to be one of the biggest BeerTubers who went by channel name “Video Beer Reviews”. He used to do food and beer pairings in most of his videos and he would even show you how he made the food. I always loved his videos with the Big Green Egg. In fact, this episode actually starts out with me watching Mark’s video on YouTube.

It’s also memorable because this was when I had broken my hand and I was wearing a cast at the time as you can see.

As for the beer, I thought it was just generic fizzy yellow lager, but it didn’t strike me as foul or offensive. I actually like and appreciate PBR a lot more now than I did back then. Every once in a while I’ll pick up a four pack of tallboys at Walmart and some brats and make this exact same recipe.
A lot of people tell me I should’ve done more food and beer pairing episodes like this. But this was good enough for me.

#7 Three Floyds Amon Amarth Ragnarok
Episode #613
January 12, 2012

If you follow the most popular beer reviewers on YouTube you’ve probably seen Peter “The Master of Hoppets” by now. Him and I did a lot of Skype reviews back in the day, and we even reviewed a comic book series on my other channel. Since he lives in Denmark, there was no way for us to get together in person until he came to the States for a semester of college.

We shot this review in the parking garage at JFK airport while he had a rather short layover. I had to drive about 3 hours to get to him and I was so worried that some security guard was going to bust us for open container or that he was going to miss his flight or that there’d be some kind of hangup, but actually the whole thing went according to plan. I was amazed.

The beer itself was good – not the greatest beer ever – but it was special because it’s a Three Floyds beer and I had to trade for it with someone (I can’t even remember who). And it was a collab they did with a Swedish death metal band that Peter was a big fan of. So it was just a totally perfect synergy of all these things lining up.

#6 Westvleteren 12
Episode #727
December 1, 2014

So we all know that Westy 12 is supposed to be the “Greatest Beer in the World.” I actually reviewed it THREE times! First with Henry and Kevin Burns, then about a year later by myself, then a couple years later I reviewed it with my buddy Scott Veltman who was a brewer at Ommegang at the time. We actually reviewed this beer while we were brewing a homebrew on their pilot system (I think it was during the mash stage so we had time to kill).

This is the only review I’ve ever done with a professional brewer, and Scott really knows he stuff. I mean, he was working for Ommegang, not some nanobrewery startup. So he knows all about Belgian beers and he had a great insight into this beer.

I haven’t had Westy 12 in a long time, but knowing what I know about beer now I’d probably say any of the Trappist or Abbey quads like Rochefort 10 or St. Bernardus Abt 12 are just as good.

#5 Alpine Exponential Hoppiness
Episode #626
February 20, 2012

Jay and I did a lot of reviews together between 2009 and 2011. He turned me on to some of the best beers I’ve ever had. It was tough trying to pick out my favorite episodes where he’s a guest, but this is definitely one of them. Even though this beer isn’t a personal favorite like Pliny the Elder or Heady Topper, this particular episode is one of my favorites for a few reasons.

First of all, at the time we made this video, all the Beer Geek Nation guys like Chris, Ryan, Peter, Winton, Dan and Jamison had been raving about this beer, so Jay and I absolutely had to try it. In fact, we mention them in this episode.

Second of all, it was just a fun episode to make because we were outside in February and we’re trying not to freeze and then it starts snowing. There’s actually been a few episodes I made outside in the snow, but this was the most fun because the snow wasn’t planned.

I haven’t had this beer in years, but I’d love to try it again and see if it’s as good as I remember.

#4 Keegan Ales Super Kitty
Episode #310
August 2, 2010

Of course I had to include an episode on this list that featured the Imasofats. They were always one of my favorite beertube channels (and still are, by the way). They were also one of the first beertubers I ever started watching and just by coincidence they lived in upstate New York too, so we were able to get together at least once a year.

We shot quite a few episodes together, but this one was probably my favorite. Not because the beer was that great, but because I had to drive about 2 hours to meet them at a restaurant downstate to try this super exclusive beer. And there’s a cameo appearance by Kevin Burns who was a regular guest reviewer on my show back in the early days.

I really like this episode because it’s just pure fun from start to finish.

#3 Murphy’s Irish Red Ale
Episode #240
March 17, 2010

Henry and I reviewed a lot of bad beer together. It was really tough deciding between this and Mountain Brew Beer Ice. I think that beer was worse than this beer, but this episode was a lot more fun to make. We shot it on St. Patrick’s Day so that’s why we’re wearing green. Also, I think it was the first bad beer Henry and I ever reviewed. And we didn’t pick this beer because we thought it was going to be bad, we just wanted something Irish themed.

I clearly remember Henry and I just drying laughing when we were editing the video. I never knew that I could do slow motion or backwards motion until this episode, so that’s why I included it. Maybe it’s a little over-edited, but I still think it’s one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever made.

#2 Southern Tier Choklat
Episode #211
January 23, 2010

If you know me, you know I love chocolate beers and Southern Tier Choklat is probably the best of them all. This episode is my first time ever having a really liquid fudge beer. I think the only other chocolate beer I had had before this was Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, which is good but this beer is sooooo much better.

This isn’t the most exciting or funniest episode in my archives, but it’s one of my favorites just because of everything that was happening at the time. I had just gotten an HD camera, and my channel was really starting to gain traction, and Jay was turning me on to all these great beers. In fact he even says that this is one of his all time favorite beers in this episode. I don’t think he still feels that way, but I’d probably say this is in my top 10 or 20 of all time. I try to get at least one bottle year.

It’s not quite as amazing now as it was in that video, but I still like it.

#1 Tie: Budweiser/Bud Light & Clamato Chelada
Bud Light #335 (9/21/10)
Budweiser #464 (5/13/11) 

It’s kind of ironic that my favorite episodes of my show are two of the absolute worst beers I’ve ever had. In fact, I wouldn’t really consider these beers – they’re packaged cocktails because they’re beer mixed with Clamato (which is tomato juice, clam broth and salt water).

At the time I made both these videos I was a hardcore fan of Wreckless Eating. I saw them getting so much attention by making videos of terrible foods and drinks, so I wanted to try doing something like what they did myself.

I’m also a little proud of myself for that little Jim Gaffigan joke effect.

And I still like the ambiance of the outdoor video since it was such a nice day and you can hear the birds chirping and everything.

I haven’t had either of these beers since then and I doubt I ever will. People still comment on these videos once in a while telling me that these beers aren’t intended for white people and some people say I was faking it when I was gagging. Trust me, that was 100% real. I came really close to throwing up that second time.

If you’ve never seen these episodes, I highly recommend watching them all the way through.


So I guess that about wraps it up. I was going to include an Honorable Mentions list in here, but it would’ve been really long with a list of like 20 or 30 episodes, so I decided to leave them out.

What episodes were your favorite? Who’s your favorite guest reviewer? Did you like it better when I reviewed really good beer or really bad beer? Let me know in the comments.

I do have a couple more videos that I’m really slowly working on, so don’t unsubscribe just yet. So I will see you guys sometime in 2019.

Thanks for watching and cheers!

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